Weight LossRx

With Dr. Barry Sears ZoneHealth Diet, achieving sustained health has never been so easy.  The Healthy Meal  Replacement Shakes will keep you hunger free for 5 hours. You will receive ALL the nutrients you need with the Health Shake. You can also snack on a cookie 2.5 hours later and remain satisfied until your next ZoneHealth Shake or Zone Meal. With this lifestyle Health plan you will easily stay on top of your game with ultimate health and weight loss with the help of our health coaches and Dr. Barry Sears patented products.

The uniqueness of the Health Shakes is that they are polyphenol rich, which will keep you satiated and give you sustained energy throughout your body for 5 hours!

The  nutritious patented Health Cookies can be used as a snack or meal replacement.

And to maximize your fat burning potential taking the Daily Essentials as dietary supplement is a must. These patented products work together  to reduce systemic inflammation, (which is the cause of most disease) and give you high levels of energy to maintain mental and physical endurance.

Former NFL football player, George Visger now uses Barry’s products (OmegaRx2 & MaquiRx) to help reverse his Traumatic Brain Injury created during his 12 years of professional football playing.

If you’re on a budget I recommend starting with the shakes & cookies for weight loss. My son and I enjoyed the benefits of these delicious yet nutritious goodies. Great energy, clarity of thought, and satiation were the results.

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