Work/Life Balance

Mar 16, 2012 by

Work/Life Balance

Why is it important to have work/life balance? Why is it so important to take the time to find the joy in life?  Well, research is now verifying that stress is the main cause of disease. Genetics are only a small part of the picture. So if you take the time to enjoy YOU, you can stave off many ailments. Perhaps you’re one of the people who go to work or school and do not find the time to pleasure themselves. I would like to encourage you to take the time to be social, enjoy a bite to eat with a friend, laugh a little more. When the good endorphins are released into your bloodstream your body begins to relax and heal itself. You may even find your blood pressure going down and your mood lifting. If you’re alone, go out to a coffee shop and read a book, watch a sunset and smile more. Research has also shown that by lifting the corners of your mouth just a little  actually trick the brain into thinking you’re happy. And what do you know the same benefits results!

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