Permanent Weight Loss

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Permanent Weight Loss

As we age the two biggest problems we grapple with are how can we lose weight and keep it off, and how can we strengthen and keep our working memory. Not only do  people want to become smart and slim but they also want quick results. Experts agree that what is healthy for the body is good for the brain and the reverse is true. What is beneficial for the brain is healthy for the body.  So they go together. Anything you do to improve your health not only affects your brain, but also your skin as well.

When we help the skin we look better. Our image looks healthy, therefore we feel better. It’s somewhat of a biofeedback. We just want to look how we feel inside. So what are some other reasons to lose weight besides improving our image?  Here are a few good reasons: Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, acid reflux, sleep apnea, etc. So it’s very important to choose a good and harmless weight loss program that will help you lose your weight permanently. If done correctly, you will accomplish radiant skin, brain health, vitality, elimination of many dis-eases and allergies, and permanent weight loss. So what is the first step in the process toward health?

You must choose the proper diet that is suited for you. This will be a lifestyle makeover. A life coach can assist you along your path to creating this change. The good thing about hiring a life coach is that you go at your own pace while the life coach continues to offer guidance and expertise in the area of optimal health and weight loss. Your coach can make suggestions on a diet that is suited to your needs, suggest nutritional supplements, and will inspire and encourage you.

Our foundational nutritional supplement we like to recommend is ZoneHealth Daily Essentials.

ZoneHealth Daily Essentials (OmegaRx2 & MaquiRx) are positively the best pharmaceutically prepared fish oil supplement on the market. It is 3rd party tested and has the least amount of contaminates than anyone else out there.  At therapeutic doses you are guaranteed to experience a difference in your cognitive function along with other benefits.

As part of this fish oil package you also receive the polyphenols, which is a potent antioxidant.  This product is high in delphinidins, the active ingredient creating your power packed results. It protects the Omega 3 fats from oxidation and increases chemical energy within the body.

Not only does it help you lose weight but also improves your health, emotions and memory.

The benefits of ZoneHealth Daily Essentials are:

  • It burns fats
  • It curbs appetite
  • It improves memory
  • It increases alertness
  • It improves your stamina
  • It reduces mental stress
  • It improves the skin by healthy collagen production
  • It strengthens your muscles.

If you are taking ZoneHealth Daily Essentials while exercising, your fat burning increases. You will also rebound much quicker from work outs and your endurance increases. Not only you will lose weight in first week but you will continue to lose weight.  ZoneHealth Daily Essentials has helped many people worldwide with weight loss, disease prevention, emotional balance, and more.

It is beneficial for your weight loss solution and for a variety of health concerns.  Side benefits of ZoneHealth include memory improvement, glowing skin and increase in stamina.

Currently we are offering ZoneHealth Nutritionals with a 30 day money back guarantee .

 Contact us for additional information.

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