The Mind/Brain/Body Connection

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The Mind/Brain/Body Connection

French philosopher, mathematician, and writer, Rene Descartes (1595-1650) was very influential in how we view the mind and body connection today. In my opinion this was a great travesty. He viewed the mind/body as separate (dualism)and thought one did not influence the other. Recently, we have begun to return to the concept of singularity. We know that 90% of diseases are stress related according to the American Medical Association. Therefore, what we think and how we react to situations causes the body to morph. When we become angry we may feel our ears get hot, then blood pressure raises. When we go see a suspenseful movie we can feel the adrenaline release as our muscles tense and our heart begins to race. When we are in stressful life situations day after day, the cortisol levels raise and have nowhere to release, so it dumps it into the belly and we gain the swollen belly . Continued worry can bring about ulcers and lowered immune system. You ever notice during midterms and finals more students get sick? It’s stress related.

During continued stress the brain changes function because it gets stuck in hyper arousal.  Certain areas in the brain become more active. These particular areas of the brain form a diamond pattern related to stress. The common PTSD pattern of inflamed areas  are the anterior cingulate gyrus, the 2 basal ganglia, and the thalamus. The cerebral cortex may also be inflamed. In these individuals with this stress pattern formed in the brain we find symptoms of anxiety, depression, inability to calm down or regulate emotions, fear and overwhelm. In these cases we clearly see how the mind, or trauma from experience shows up in the brain and effects the body.

The best method I have found to calm this pattern is EEG Biofeedback. I have had clients who came in taking medication to go to sleep, to relax muscles, to calm anxiety and arrest depression and still could not function at full capacity. When they completed the biofeedback sessions, the medications were no longer necessary and they had their life back. The Laminine supplement has also created dramatic changes. You can view the personal experiences here.

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