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The Importance of Sleep

Why is sleep so important? Life depends on it. Our wellbeing depends on it. We sleep 1/3 of our life.  So if you’re gonna live until 90, that’s 30 years in bed. It is absolutely essential to life. There’s nothing that exist in nature that does not require. During sleep our body rejuvenates and repairs itself. One in five people get insufficient recovery sleep.   This recovery sleep is the primary mechanism in which the body heals. In fact, it’s not only important that we get sleep, it is important that we dream.  During dream time the mind is defragging. It is rehearsing, making relevant connections with other stored information, reorganizing, and even trashing what it does not need. If you learn a task today, perform it in the afternoon, and then sleep on it, the next morning your performance is 30% better because you slept on it. Dream sleep allows you to recover mentally.  Sleep is intricately intertwined with many function. For instance if you don’t get the sleep you need obesity can result which can lead to diabetes II. Lack of sleep can even lead to depression. There is also a reduced ability to learn. Non-dream sleep is for physical rejuvenation, muscle repair, immune system, and growth hormone production. Studies done on students who were deprived of sleep stuffed themselves on food the next day and they didn’t know why. The explanation can be found in the fact that during sleep 2 hormones are interacting. If you get enough sleep your appetite shuts down. The leptin hormone goes up to let you know you are full. If you do not get proper sleep, the hormone grehlin stimulates your appetite. So with proper sleep there is a balance between hunger and fullness. If you do not get enough sleep the penalty in cumulative, which mean there will be health consequences. You have 7 days to make up on overdrawn sleep. So if your teenager wants to sleep in on the weekend, let him catch up.

If inability to sleep is an issue, contact us to see how neurofeedback can help you.


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