Expert Biofeedback

Located in San Diego, CA

Clients are experiencing great success in improved relationships, enhanced performance, mood stabilization and renewed energy and confidence. Physical ailments are diminishing without the use of drugs.

Dr. Das, Expert Biofeedback
By addressing the body-mind-spirit of our client we achieve excellent results. With Expert Biofeedback our mission to help you apply the knowledge that frees and transforms your body and spirit and enables you to find your center – your soul’s perfect balance.

Our Mission

To facilitate your awakening to personal greatness


Through our top notch coaching, neurofeedback, and mind-body integration you will gain the skills of self-mastery. Your personal life issues, emergencies, and traumas become the building blocks for your breakthrough. You will gain the wisdom and insight of the sages while boosting your brain power. Recover physically and emotionally.

Upgrade your life