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Stress Reduction

“Clients are achieving positive change and physical vibrancy with Zen Wellness Coach.” -Dr Das

Wellness is directly related to how we nurture our body, mind, and spirit.
With a Zen Wellness Coach we help individuals achieve balance and a sense of wellbeing through our Wellness programs. Wellness programs are one of the most effective ways to enhance health and increase your productivity. You will save money on health care costs, prevent illness, lose weight, reduce medication and more. Clients at Zen Wellness Coach have experienced miraculous change in rapid and sustained improvement in reducing stress. Long standing ailments have been resolved as clients are empowered to harness their inner power, transform negative energy patterns, and create lasting change. Advanced holistic medicine and coaching is used as a non-invasive treatment option for many stress related conditions and has recently been highly successful with physical ailments.
We have combined technology and holistic methodology to take the drugs out of treatment. We have focus areas in stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, hormone balance, chronic disease management, general health and anti-aging. Other clients we have worked with also reported improvements in the following:

· Anxiety
· Depression
· Chronic fatigue
· Pain
· Migraines
· Insomnia
· Addictions
· Stress
· MS
· Cholesterol
· Heart health
· Diabetes
· Digestion
· Obesity
· Cancer
· Osteoporosis
· Blood Pressure

Unleash the power to heal your life! You can rediscover your most powerful resource. Contact us for your free consult.

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