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Quit Smoking


I have been a smoker for 38 years, and my habit has grown to 1 pack a day. I have recently developed a “smoker’s cough” and I realize that the cigarettes are literally killing me. As you know I am not much for taking anything and certainly was not interested in what you had to offer (at first). But you convinced me to “at least try” the product. Deep down I knew I needed a miracle as I hadn’t up to that point been able to quit this habit. Anyway, even though you weren’t promoting these capsules as a stop smoking product, but rather something that might be able to change my mood and give me the power to make life changes, something miraculous happened to me.
After just 3 days on the capsules taking 2, twice a day, I LOST MY URGE TO SMOKE!

I am currently smoking only 8 cigarettes a day and I believe the only reason I smoke even that amount is because of the “habit” of having something in my mouth. I can honestly say that I feel more active and alert than I ever have before, I already got a friend of mine on the capsules who has some issues.
-Paul B. M

My mom told me she was about 14 when she began smoking. When I was growing up I remember her smoking Kools when she couldn’t get her Winstons. I thought it looked cool. Actors smoked and my mom, who I though looked like an actor, smoked. It smelled horrible. I remember holding my breath when I was around smoking adults. I couldn’t get away from the smell though. It was in my hair and clothing. I was only 6 at the time when I remember my best friends mom asking us if we had been smoking. Each time we gave her the same answer. It was my mom that smoked. She tried quitting and failed each time. What else was she going to do when she sat talking with friends and drinking coca cola (the real thing). She didn’t drink alcohol.

I don’t know if this is the case, but second hand smoke seemed worse to me than actually smoking. Whenever I went to the doctor he would ask if I smoked because I had smokers lungs. I couldn’t exercise for long because I would get winded easily, but I didn’t have asthma. I tried smoking when I got older and I hated the taste of the ashtray mouth and the burning sensation it did in my lungs. So that lasted for less than a week, yick! The lightheaded feeling it gave me wasn’t enough for me to purposely torture my lungs and tastebuds.

But back to my mom, I have good news. Twenty-four years later she set her mind on quitting all because I became pregnant. She didn’t want to smoke around me or her unborn grandson, so she did it cold turkey! She read on which vitamins she could increase and what else she could do to help her process. I think will power and LOVE is what caused her to succeed. And maybe a little guilt for what second hand smoke did to my lungs.

Where there’s a will there is a way.  I have a way that can make quitting smoking much easier. It’s not the patch, nor lodgenses, nor gum, or shots. It’s nutritional supplements coupled with neurofeedback. In the above testimonial Laminine alone was used. Neurofeedback is good for many things, including addictions. If you want more info, just click on the links. You might also look up vapor cigs as a transitional or replacement. You can see peoples testimonials online. I came across 2 legitimate reviews who were not trying to sell anything but gave honest reviews in my opinion. If need be I can find them again and post a link if you request it.

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