Prevention & Longevity

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Prevention & Longevity

Beauty from Within

“The key to achieving healthy longevity is lifestyle. The biological clock can be slowed just through simple diet changes.” -Dr Das

Real beauty begins with health. You can enhance your skin and renew energy levels with the proper nutrition. As you assist your body in detoxing and provide it with the appropriate foods, your body will begin to heal itself. Our clients have experienced a glowing complexion and increased energy among other things. In providing nutritional support for individuals seeking help with obesity, diabetes, auto immune disorder, hypertension, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, and heart conditions our clients have reaped the benefit of wellbeing, health, and younger looking skin.
When you consume whole, complete foods, your body has the amazing capacity to rectify what ails it. Most disease in America is from poor diet.  The American diet lacks in proper nutrition due to incomplete foods, so we supplement with whole food nutrition along with a yearly detox. If we stay on these incomplete foods, they interfere with the foundation of good health, which is nutrition. Stress is another factor which contributes to our nutritional deficit. Preservatives and food coloring can cause inflammation, unfavorable allergic reactions, including symptoms of ADHD and behavioral problems.

Our bodies are highly complex and contain over 60 trillion cells. 24 billion cells are replaced daily. So where do we get the proper nutrients to replace our unhealthy or damaged cells?

· Every hour one billion cells in the body must be replaced.
· Every 24 hours 24 billion cells in the body are replaced.
· Dead cells in the body ultimately go to the kidneys.
· Each second 10,000,000 of cells die and are replaced in the body.
· You create new skin every month.
· The human body is 75% water.

Ultimately, the best source for proper nutrients is found in the foods we eat. These days it is difficult to find pure food unless you are growing it yourself or shop at a co-op. Genetically altered fruits and vegetables grown in nutrient depleted soil, and animals shot up with hormones and antibiotics cannot offer enough support to feed your 60 trillion cells. Dr. Royal Lee found that the over-processing of foods weakened and altered the gene pool for the next generation. His belief was that we caused our bodies to starve through cellular malnutrition. When our cells do not get what they need, they begin to slow down, stop working, or malfunction. So what can you do?

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