Preventing Lupus Flare Ups

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Preventing Lupus Flare Ups

If you have a lupus flare up the best way to deal with it is to reduce your stress. It is important to get extra rest during this time period. As you know being in the sun can cause flare ups. Sun exposure can also make problems worse, so avoid sun exposure using protective clothing and hats.

Lupus increases your risk of having heart conditions. To reduce these risks it is recommended to avoid smoking cigarettes, maintain a healthy weight, keep blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar within the normal range.

Having lupus forces you to live a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. This is the only way to keep it under control as there is no cure. People have gone into remission for years at a time. To reduce systemic inflammation that is associated with lupus, you might consider Wobenzyme.  I took this and it was quite helpful to reduce my joint and chest pain almost to nothing. I also began taking Omega 3 which is also known to reduce systemic inflammation. It seems to have helped my sun exposure. I realized I can be out in the sun without getting that strange red pattern on my body. I’m attributing it to this, but I could be wrong. I’m still careful not to over do it. And I did neurofeedback for my anxiety and depression. I began doing tai chi and strength training.

If you’re a lupus sufferer, you know the symptoms can turn unfriendly literally overnight.  This is why I came at it from all angles. Perhaps you’d like to do the same. My ANA’s are now negative and my CRP is within normal range.

If you’d like to  consider neurofeedback for stress reduction or consulting with naturopath that specializes in disease management contact us.


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