Pre & Post Natal Wellness

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Pre & Post Natal Wellness

If you want to create the perfect environment for your baby to be, I like to recommend nutritional whole food supplementation (avoid all synthetic vitamins altogether),  a healthy diet and exercise routine. The exercise does not have to be rigorous. You can do walking, yoga, pilates, tai chi, chi gong. These are some personal favorites, but you can choose anything as long as it doesn’t put too much strain on your physical frame. Jogging tends to place too much stress on the joints. I would do a brisk walk instead or jump on a trampoline.

Vitamin and minerals are very important before, during, and after your pregnancy. With synthetic supplements your body will absorb a small amount and the rest comes out as waste. Your body cannot absorb synthetics like it does with real food or whole food supplements. Your chief nutritional concern during pregnancy is folic acid, calcium and iron.

If you have issues concerning infertility and want to try natural methods, you might consider working with a holistic health provider to guide you through a cleanse and detox. During this process you will also have your hormones checked and work on any emotions surrounding the issue. This method is the most favorable as it gets your body and mind ready conception.

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