Omega 3 Helping Former NFL Lineman’s Brain Damage

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Omega 3 Helping Former NFL Lineman’s Brain Damage

Memory problems, anger issues, cognitive impairment, and poor judgement were among the few symptoms former San Francisco 49er Super Bowl winner George Visger suffered with.  George was told by his doctors to get his things in order and prepare for the inevitable dementia that follows a brain injury like his. Not willing to go down  without fight, he began seeking alternatives to prevent the inevitable.

George had developed hydrocephalus from concussions during the 81 Super Bowl season. Beginning at age 22, he had 9 shunt surgeries to relieve the  pressure on his brain. These shunts drain the fluid build up in his brain into his abdomen. The first 8 surgeries failed, and each failure resulted in another emergency surgery. Complications from the surgeries resulted in dyslexia and seizures. He was on 4 different dementia medications (all at the same time).

Immense improvement came after he began mega dosing with Omega 3,  and taking the  antioxidants for the past 3 years. George was able to get off ALL his dementia medication about a 1 1/2 years ago and his micro cognitive memory test scores have improved 14.7%.

George’s improvement is unheard of!   He now devotes his environmental consulting business to strictly consult on traumatic brain injury issues.

Why did great success come following the fish oil intake? According to Dr. Barry Sears a therapeutic dose of high quality omega 3 fish oils can serve as a preventative, and also expedite  recovery of brain trauma. He states that according to a study, “Animals receiving the daily fish oil supplement for 30 days post concussion had a greater than 98 percent reduction in brain damage compared with the animals that did not receive the supplement. It is hypothesized that the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish oil reduced the neural inflammation induced by the concussion injury.”

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