Neurofeedback, a technique that allows a person to modify their brainwaves, has been a part of Zen Wellness Coach’s integrative approach to wellness because it is a safe, proven, and powerful personal growth and development system.

Having been used in the past for many conditions and disabilities where the brain is not working as well as it can, Neurofeedback can also be used for patients with physical diseases. Neurofeedback works by controlling and modifying mood disorders like anxiety and depression, as well as having been proven to have great success with physical disabilities such as; sleep disorders, epilepsy, and cognitive dysfunctions resulting from head trauma, stroke, and even aging. More recently, Neurofeedback has been used for patients undergoing cancer treatment. The results of its use show up in reduced stress, pain, nausea, as well as an enhancing immunity.

“We strive to facilitate our client’s personal growth to wholeness through counseling, coaching and nutrition, says Dr. Hadassah of Zen Wellness Coach. “Of course the ultimate goal is for you to enjoy what it feels like to have the freedom of feeling good in your body while you find peace within, and that’s done by taking charge of your life and embodying the skills you have learned, and then integrating them into your life.”

In today’s society, the tendency to treat medical conditions with drug therapies is prevalent and quite often times needed, but there are choices now with a well rounded Neurofeedback therapy program that treats serious medical conditions based on sound naturopathic modalities.