Mental Fitness

I declare ZoneHealth Daily Essentials to be positively the best pharmaceutically prepared fish oil supplement on the market. It is 3rd party tested and has the least amount of contaminates than anyone else out there.  At therapeutic doses you are guaranteed to experience a difference in your cognitive function along with other benefits.

As part of this fish oil package you also receive the polyphenols, which is a potent antioxidant.  This product is high in delphinidins, the active ingredient creating your power packed results. It protects the Omega 3 fats from oxidation and increases chemical energy within the body.

Former NFL football player, George Visger (49ers), after 9 brain surgeries,  now uses ZoneHealth’s powerful products (OmegaRx2 & MaquiRx-Daily Essentials) to help reverse his Traumatic Brain Injury created during his 12 years of professional football playing.

I encourage you to flood us with your testimonials of what these products do for you so we can share with others what happy clients say!

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