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At ZenWellnessCoach.com, clients are experiencing great success in weight loss, hormone and thyroid balance, blood sugar stabilization, blood pressure reduction, renewed energy and confidence. Physical ailments are diminishing without the use of drugs.

Dr. Das, Naturopath & Zen Wellness Coach
Zen refers to a holistic approach- the whole person approach. By addressing the body-mind-spirit of our client we achieve excellent results. It is our mission to help you apply the knowledge that frees and transforms your body and spirit and enables you to find your center – your Soul’s Perfect Balance.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to restore the health of our clients primarily through advanced holistic medicine, coaching, and human growth & development. We maximize  and restore your health without the use of drugs.

Your Goals.

ZenWellnessCoach.com goal is to educate you so that you can begin your continued journey to life satisfaction, transformation, and optimal health by balancing your hormones, achieving emotional balance and self-love. You will be provided with appropriate coping skills to help you deal with personal life issues, emergencies, and traumas for both your physical and emotional states. You can also receive feedback about how to enhance your communication skills while you gain self-knowledge and understanding. We use the principles of LOVE, Integrity, Freedom, and Empowerment to help you cultivate your internalized judge to make better decisions for your higher good.

We facilitate your wellness journey through coaching. The ultimate goal is for you to enjoy the freedom of feeling good in your body and find peace within by taking charge of your life while you embody the skills you learn and integrate them into your life. Recover physically and emotionally.

Upgrade your life.

To begin your journey today, contact us.

ZenWellnessCoach.com. Now there’s a place that addresses HEALING EVERYTHING in you.

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