Customer Reviews

ADHD, Test anxiety

“I got an A- in my Anatomy & Physiology class thanks to you! You helped me with my ADHD because I couldn’t adjust to my medication. I felt like a zombie. It was suppose to help me focus. It didn’t work for me or maybe I was just impatient. Each time I had a session with you I was able to focus and study for my test, and I just felt more clear headed. It was kind a weird ‘cause I wasn’t used to it. My test anxiety was even gone! Thanks for everything!” S.R.B. El Cajon, CA

Anxiety, Self Confidence
“Hadassah played a massive role in helping me get my life back on track. I was in shambles when I came to her. I had recently gone through a divorce and was raising my two children on my own. She gave me excellent advice for my children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. And I got my self confidence back. I learned to manage my time and stress. I now make play dates with my children. I now feel competent and confident and I’m bonding with my children again.” Lotte


“My son suffers allergies and asthma. He used his breathing treatment every 2-3 month and occasionally used steroids when the other medicine wasn’t enough. This past year we only used his breathing treatment once and for 1 day only. Thank you so much for the work that you do. I’ve been working on remedying his situation for 8 years. Something finally works! The improvement is fantastic! I still look forward to when he is completely cleared of everything! When we’re done with him then I’ll start working on my stuff.” L.S. San Diego, CA


AUTUSM UPDATE: JANUARY 2008- “Dr. Das, Now the school has begun the process of mainstreaming my daughter into regular classes! And they’re giving her regular homework [math & sight words] ! I never dreamed this day would come. I started keeping a journal like you suggested. She’s amazing! I’m falling in love with my daughter. She’s been asking questions like “who is god, why can’t we see him, why don’t birds fall from the sky, why do we have bacteria, who made me fat and why did I do that to myself…” and the list is endless. I’ll show you my journal our next meeting. If any of your clients with autistic children want to talk to me let me know and I’ll show them the paper work. Even her bus driver, teachers, and therapist are impressed and surprised with her progress. Thank you again for giving me my daughter back.” C.P.P. San Diego, CA


Beauty, Confidence
“After meeting with Das I knew exactly what I had to do to get my life back. I was out of the workforce for a long time and I lost my confidence as my age began to show. Das schooled me on the attractiveness of inner beauty and she helped me with my image and outer beauty. I look and feel like a million bucks! No one can stop me now! Das says aging is sexy if you do it with style! I’ll drink to that now.” Angie

Blood pressure, Weight loss
“My blood pressure has been a serious issue for me for about 6 years now. I came to Hadassah for help. She recommended a dietary change. I followed her recommendations, but I also included in my own foods too. I didn’t follow her guidelines so it didn’t work. She fired me as her client and told me to come back when my health crisis was costing me more concern than my taste buds. That was 8 months ago. Well, I’m back to her heavier than I was before and more stressed. I told her I don’t even eat and I still gain weight. When she had me do a video diary of every crumb I ate, I realized I ate junk food and carbs snacking throughout the day, and the food testing (tasting) I did when I cooked for my family was embarrassing. I was actually eating a meal and called it tasting. I’m on a regimen now. I’m following it pretty darn close. She lets me have one cheat day a week and get this, I meditate. No joke, it’s easy actually. I have to eat mindfully. That’s my start anyway. Next step is to walk mindfully. I can do this. One small step at a time. I lost 12 lbs in 22 days. My blood pressure was 180/120 with leucinopril, it has dropped 40 points since then! My doctor took me off the medication and told me to keep doing what I was doing.” Margaret

Cigarettes (Loss urge to smoke)
“I am so pleased with the work you’ve done with my husband (Sam). In just 3 days he said he no longer craved cigarettes! This is a HUGE miracle! He didn’t completely quit, but this is a great step. We just had a baby so he has been motivated to try everything. He had tried the patch, the gum, and even considered hypnosis. I’m glad your program worked. Much thanks to you.” Saraij


“Dear Dr. Das, you helped me with my depression! You said you couldn’t cure anyone of anything, but 7 sessions of neurofeedback I already feel better! and it’s lasting! You said 20 sessions is what is recommended to maintain it, but I think I’ll see how long this will last. You know my $$ situation. I’m so excited! Nothing else has worked like this before. I feel new, fresh. My mom asked what was I doing different. Now she might be in to see too. I can’t thank you enough. I’ll send more people to.” C.B. Rancho Bernardo, CA

Diabetes, Blood Sugar
“My mom was diagnosed with type II diabetes at 77 years old. Her blood sugar levels averaged at 180 -200. She did okay with her dietary changes, but her blood sugar was still high at about 160. The pill she took hurt her stomach so she stopped taking it. She had also heard about a friend of hers having kidney disease who was on the same pill for years. She wouldn’t take anything else. My friend Lydia recommended Coach Das. Life coaches are out of my price range. I would have never considered. I found out that Coach Das had this affordable internet based program and a supplement that my mom could take at a price that I could afford. So I did it. My mom’s blood sugar now ranges from about 110 to 130. She seems happier too. I am happy to have the burden lifted off of me and I don’t have to worry about my mom anymore. She has been in good hands with Coach Das.” Jorge.

Fat Loss, Increased stamina, Hair growth
I just turned 40 and feeling fabulous! Five weeks have passed and I have lost 15 pounds. My muffin top is barely there. My workouts now are effortless and I can go much longer without fatigue. My skin even looks better. I’ve been receiving so many complements. My hair seems to be growing faster and feels more silky. I look better now that I did 3 years ago. Your protocol rocks! I’ll be with you for awhile. Thanks for providing this affordable service and products:) Brenda

Fibrocystic Breast
“I’ve been working with Hadassah off and on for over 7 years now. I can’t say enough about her. Because of her I have my life back. She is positively among the best in her field. She goes beyond her role as a life coach. She gives me pointers for my family. She knows a lot about spirituality, metaphysics, how to find joy and meaning. I have learned SO much from her. I have only recently begun to understand and apply what I gained from her. There were moments when she lost patience with me. I deserved it, but she didn’t give up on me. She is very real and will always tell you like it is. That’s what I like about her. I was a pill to swallow. I was prejudice, cynical, angry. I now view the world from a new perspective. I had fibrocystic breast since I was 28 years old. She told me those were lumps of disappointment I was nurturing. It’s been a long journey, but when I was willing to accept what she said and even acknowledge some truth about it, they began to shrink. I’m probably the only client who didn’t want to use supplements to help me balance my body. But I did it with Hadassah’s help. I chose diet and emotional work and I finally reach it. Hadassah is a blessing. Please go see her. You’ll have a teacher and friend for life.” ReBecca

Hormones, Adult Acne
“Thank you Das for offering such an affordable and personalized service. When I couldn’t see what was going on with my health you offered you expertise in hormone rejuvenation. Now my embarrassing adult acne under control and I lost a dress size without consciously trying. My hair is shiner too. Boy those hormone sure do a number on us gals. Your services are very unique. Thank you.” Geena

Menopause, Depression, Lack of Purpose
“I found myself and my passion for life again! I came to Hadassah after my spiritual advisor suggested I get professional help. I was down in the dumps after my last daughter at home left for college. I lost my sense of purpose. I let myself go even though I was still married. My husband stopped inviting me to company functions. My spiritualist thought I could be menopausal. So when Hadassah consulted with me the first thing she suggested was a comprehensive blood panel from my doctor and she gave me a home based saliva test for my hormones. We found that my estrogen, progesterone, and cortisol was out of balance. She put me on a cleansing diet with supplements after we received the test results. By the 4th day I felt a HUGE shift!! I felt more lively. I even felt loving toward my husband. I began to dress feminine again and I sang while I prepared our meals (like I used to). I am no longer depressed. Even my long standing problem with my thyroid is improving!! I’m losing weight effortlessly!!! Hadassah said thats due to cleansing and balancing out my hormones and thyroid. I’m so excited I got my life back.” Mary


“OMG Das thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart! I couldn’t bare to see my mother in so much pain but she refused to come in for a session. She kept moaning and calling out.  When you did the remote Reconnective Healing session I saw her mood become lighter and I even began to feel more calm. Her pain was gone before the end of the session!”

-Rosa P. Bonita, CA

Painful Boils, Hydradenites, Autistic daughter

“For the first time in 27 years I have RELIEF since I began doing sessions with you! I suffer from a debilitating condition, hydradenitis, since 1981. I get painful boils all over my body, specifically in my armpit and groin area. Since you began working on me my life has changed!!! You are a GODSEND! I finally experienced my MIRACLE with you. The only answer before was minor surgery. Doctors would lance my boils to drain them. Now I rarely experience the discomfort. On top of everything I noticed my 6 year old autistic daughter has less meltdowns, she sleeps at night, and she’s becoming emotionally aware. You haven’t even done work on her. Now I’m finally starting to understand that energetic connection between parents and children that you’ve been trying to explain to me. As I write this now I have tears in my eyes. Just a week ago she told me ‘mommy you hurt me in my heart.’ She’s more a pleasure to be around now. I am beyond grateful to you because I gave up on doctors and thought there was no help for either of us. Thank you so much Dr. Das.” C.P.P. San Diego, CA

Panic Attack, Personal Growth
“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Coach Das. She is very kind and gentle with her support and guidance. I was going through a very tough time with my boyfriend of 6 years. Das helped me to realize that one of the functions of relationship is to help us grow spiritually and emotionally. I was behaving like a bratty child. I blamed him for everything. Now I can accept my part. I see my patterns clearly and understand why it had to be this way. I’m still bruised by the experience. I thought I had found the love of my life. But as time goes on I am accepting my fate with him. I am sitting with my pain and allowing it to soften me as Das recommended . I am not angry at him or God anymore. I no longer experience panic attacks either. Coach Das allows me to still check in with her periodically. I’m glad she’s there for me like a big sister. I will always be grateful for the change that has happened in me and grateful to have a big sister when I need one.” Carol

Self Mastery
“Over the past 6 years Hadassah has provided me with support in the area of Self Mastery which included coaching in the areas of spirituality, relationship, and wellness. I have grown leaps and bounds since I began my journey with her. Her wisdom is priceless and I am so grateful to her and grateful to God for having strategically placed her in my life. I am currently in the process of opening my own business. I have already begun my book series I’ve been talking about for years and have been meeting with my illustrator. She told me things would come together when I let go of my past to create a space for my future. It’s here! Never thought I’d be starting over again at 50.” Ava

Skin (Acne)

“Hadassah is amazing! I’ve had cystic acne since I was a teenager. Now in my adult years I have deep pock marks on my face.  Recently I had began to break out again. Being extremely embarrassed I went to my dermatologist.  I’ve tried dietary changes, prescription medication by mouth and on my face. Nothing was working. My friend recommend her Beauty Coach so I decided to give it a go. And WOW I’m glad I did. My skin is much softer, smoother, no more acne issues, my pock marks are still in the process of evening out. The products she recommends are absolutely amazing. One is a nutritional supplement and one is a product I put on my face. I would recommend this to anyone who cares about their appearance. Her regimen is simple and I am very thankful for her expertise in this area. ”  Marta

Thyroid balance, Radiant skin, Prevention
I can’t say enough about the excellent work Hadassah has done with me and my daughter. Breast cancer runs in our family, so my daughter and I decided to be proactive and hire a wellness coach. My skin is now radiant and doesn’t flake around my forehead and I have more energy! I have now come off my thyroid medication. My daughter said this is the best she has ever felt since having her twins. She feels happier. We are both very pleased. We’ve lost weight and feel energized. I believe this is the best thing we could have done for our health and for our family.” Susan

Time Management
“I’ve been so busy lately just keeping up with the demands of being a business owner I haven’t had the time to take for myself. So I wanted to stop and take this opportunity to thank you for all the research you’ve done and the knowledge you have provide me. It’s been a great time saver and with my demanding and stress filled schedule I still have the time to follow the steps of my wellness and beauty regimen because you made it so simple. This online coaching is very convenient and very awesome!” Rita

Tinnitus (ear), Hemorrhoids(bloody), Liver spots, Shoulder growths disappear
(Inventor of the Firestorm Spark Plug. Bob has a pension from the U.S. Marine Corps and is a retiree from General Motors) – “I have had bloody hemorrhoids for over ten years. After taking Laminine for six days they disappeared along with the lumps associated with them. I had brown liver spots all over the top of both hands. They are fading away and are about 2/3 gone.   I had a buzzing in my inner ear called tinnitus. It has gone away completely. I have a number of growths on the top of my shoulders. I was going to have them surgically removed. They are getting smaller and I may not need the surgery.” Bob Krupa

Weight loss, Hormone balance, Beautiful again
“For 6 years I’ve been trying to lose weight. Nothing worked. With my vegetarian diet, no one could understand why I couldn’t lose weight, including me. Coach Das suggested we look at my hormones and tweak my diet. She also suggested HCG Slim and Laminine. Under her guidance so far I lost 15 pounds in 27 days!” Rhonda
“My deepest thanks to Coach Das for sticking in there with me. I feel light and beautiful again! I lost 87 pounds in 32 weeks! It wasn’t easy, but Coach Das gave me the encouragement and support I needed. I am beyond grateful. My eating habits have changed. I easily make better food choices.” Kelly

What an amazing way to heal!  Gloria R.

Dealing with chronic pain, insomnia and fatigue for numerous years, I was eager to try anything but wasn’t sure what else was left. On a recommendation from my doctor to try bio-feedback, I sought out a local office. I came across Hadasah at Holistic Life-Coaching (HLC).

A little skeptical from all the previous traditional types of therapies I’ve tried I was still quite curious about this new form of treatment I was about to experience. Immediately in our first meeting I noticed Hadasah’s genuineness, her warmth and soothing energy. During this consultation, I was quick to relax and open up to the possibility of healing thru the use of Neuro-feedback. This was one of the first things I liked about Holistic Life-Coaching – as it’s name implies, the healing approach is holistic but in addition to this it is very much tailored to the healing needs as an individual.

I experienced the Neuro-feedback which was very interesting in how it works. But then I felt so fortunate to be exposed to the methods of EFT (read about it on their website). Hadasah taught me some of these points and as I did the process of tapping. With this method of tapping on some of the meridians of my body, I was able to dispel pain IMMEDIATELY. This was so amazing to me I couldn’t believe it myself.

After about 5 sessions I found that my sleeping and waking had improved significantly, my depression had subsided, my pain levels dropped to zero as soon as I practiced the EFT. I am continuing sessions as they are certainly something I look forward to each time. I sometimes felt that I was ready to take on the world with a fresh start. I felt so positive, it was great!

It really is an experience and I have to say that I didn’t realize how powerful the energy is that we carry in our selves nor how powerful our brains can become when trained to operate within certain frequencies. Our bodies are quite amazing and with the training thru Neuro-Feedback and the teaching of EFT, I am feeling so much better.

My experience with HLC has brought me emotional and physical relief that I have been hoping for since the onset of these issues. Hadasah has helped me expand my perspective on the holistic things of my self and of things around me. I encourage anyone looking to heal (physically and/or emotionally) to take advantage of the possibilities available with HLC and their many services.  Gloria

New Beginnings  Carmencita L.

Before I had my first Neurofeedback session with Hadasa, I was a very difficult case. I was diagnosed with chronic Post traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I suffered from Social Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, and I was always feeling shaky, nervous, and tense. I couldn’t sleep well at night and I had nightmares. I was scared to fall asleep because of my nightmares. Everywhere I went whether if it was my son’s school or the grocery store I always felt paranoid and in a hurry. I wasn’t able to breathe very well, my heart would always beat fast all the time because of the anxiety and stress level. Everything and anything would bother me. I was very isolated in my house and my depression was out of control. I didn’t know what I was going to do. I was feeling like I wanted to die because my doctor told me that I was a very difficult person to medicate. I gave up on hope and myself, I felt that I was ready for a 72 hour hold in a psychiatric ward. My self esteem was very low and I had no confidence within myself and my family. I thought that if the medication wasn’t working what will? I tried yoga, cardio vascular workout to control my stress level and my anxiety and that didn’t work very well. I felt so out of place not knowing what my purpose in life was. My PTSD was manifesting itself in every area of my life.During my first session with Hadasa I felt an instant connection with her because she understood everything that I was going through. I felt comfortable ready to start something new. After my first session of Neurotherapy I felt the changes withing the first ten minutes of the session. My anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive behavior changed right away. I improved tremendously and very fast. I didn’t feel depressed anymore, I wasn’t scared to go to my son’s school or the grocery store. I feel that my PTSD disorder has been cured. I felt balanced with myself and the world around me. I became a better person, friend, mother, sister, partner, and student because of Neurofeedback. I’m happy when I go see Hadasa because she has helped me tremendously. I recommend anyone who suffers from any type of mental illness to try out Neurofeedback. You will feel as if you’ve been blessed with a whole new way of thinking, a chance to start a new happy life. The more sessions the more I felt happier and ready to face life again with a new way of thinking. When I feel stress I feel the difference, healthy stress is what I experience now, the toxic stress has depleted and now I live life as it comes. I feel blessed and I am grateful to have my life back and feel balanced with myself and my daily activities. I am no longer taking medications and that feels good. “If you are an individual that suffers from any type of disorder you should definitely look into Neurofeedback, its worth it.Hadasa will answer any questions and concerns that you have. She really cares about helping individuals who suffer the way I have. The environment that Hadasa has created for her patients is very comfortable and quiet. There’s nothing to loose. Neurofeedback is one hundred times better than any medication out there for mental disorders, I know because I have taken at least fifteen types of medications and nothing was working for me. Neurofeedback is the only way and helpful way for individuals like me””Thank you so much Hadasa for everything. I have my life back, I have myself back and there’s nothing more precious than that” Carmen Luna

Thank you so much!  Pearl R.

“I went to see Hadasah for difficulties with anxiety. I immediately connected with her because she genuinely cares about you. Her holistic approach is great. After only a few sessions, I felt a big difference. I feel so much better and can go back to facing the world. I highly recommend her. Thanks Hadasah!” -Pearl