Children’s Health

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Children’s Health

Could your child be healthier? Do you worry that your child isn’t eating quality food for their developmental stages? Well, if they are on the American diet, chances are they are overfed and undernourished. The foods we eat have been stripped of their nutritional value. Foods have been created to have longer shelf life.  They contain hydrogenated oils, sugars, and vitamin isolates. What this means is that are bodies are starving for complete nutrition. Starving bodies become sick more often and develop obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and the list goes on. When the body is fed with whole, complete foods, it has a strong capacity to regenerate and heal itself.

Proper growth and development comes from proper nutrition. Keeping children healthy with natural, whole food vitamins and minerals for proper growth and development is also vital for brain development. Supplementation is necessary due to the state of our current food supply. The soil is depleted of its once mineral rich source. Food today isn’t as tasty as it was before because of this depletion.

There are 6 nutrients vital to the health of a growing child. These are: omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, a green food powder like VitaMineral greens, chlorella, or SP green food, a multi vitamin/mineral, protein/amino acid, and a supplement with vitamin c and zinc during cold/flu season. It is safe for your child to take all of these if it is in the form of the organic, dehydrated, whole food form. This does not include the Flintstone chewables or gummy vitamins. Various times will call for different needs. I use all organic, whole food supplements. I crush them and put it all in a morning shake for my son.  I’ve been doing this off and on since he was 4 years old.

The benefits you see with this support are improved immune function, circulation, cognition, heart health, emotional balance, healthy skin and nails. It should however be noted that mega doses of these vitamins are not necessary. The body will absorb the whole form since it is a food you are giving them.

It is still important for your children to learn good eating habits. It starts with you. Children become accustomed to the lifestyle you provide them. So for best results when using natural vitamin and mineral supplementation, do not completely substitute their main meals with supplements. Simply make sure that each meal they partake is balanced, full of green veggies, fruits and enough water and protein.

Not all vitamins and minerals are created equal. So when you purchase nutritional products, make sure natural vitamin supplements is from trusted brands. Health Force Nutritionals and Standard Process are 2 brands I trust. With these brands, you are taking dehydrated, nutrient dense whole food known worldwide for their product safety and effectiveness.

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