Neurofeedback: Brain Health

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Neurofeedback: Brain Health

Biofeedback for the Brain: Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is emerging as an effective treatment modality for many conditions like anxiety, depression, AD/HD, mental illness, OCD, chronic fatigue, pain, brain injury, seizures, migraines, insomnia, behavioral issues, addictions, stress, peak performance and more. You can learn more by visiting neurofeedback videos section on neurofeedback .  This modality is only available for our coaching clients as a support to help our clients reach their goals with greater ease, calm stress,while increasing brain function.

Neurofeedback, also called EEG biofeedback and neurotherapy, is a brain exercise. Biofeedback gives feedback on the body, neurofeedback gives feedback on the brain. Neurofeedback becomes necessary when there is a disregulation in the brain. This disregulation can show up as an individual having difficulty falling asleep – being stuck in high arousal, or difficulty waking up – being stuck in low arousal. When neuronal activity spirals out of control this can look like seizures or migraines.

To regulate the brain with neurofeedback, we start by putting sensors on the scalp (with conducting paste) to measure the brainwaves. Those brainwaves are the feedback, which powers the video game on the monitor in front of you. For instance on the game “inner tube” the ship moves forward when the brain is within the frequency range that was set. When the brainwaves go outside of that range the ship stops, the sky becomes black, and the music stops.

It’s quite a simple process and works rather quickly. Most clients feel a difference after the first session. Over time the brain becomes accustomed to its new skill and it tends to hold on to the results.

Neurofeedback is helpful for all populations and has been used on babies as young as 3 weeks old. From  Addictions, learning disorders, or behavioral problems, to adults with severe conditions, memory issues, or for individuals who just want to enhance their “already good” performance. Whatever your primary issue, most likely it can be greatly helped with neurofeedback. Click on research to see more ways neurofeedback can help you.

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