Academics & ADHD

Is Your Child Suffering From Signs of ADHD

Unorganized –  Easily Distracted – Often Misplaces Things – Gives Up Easily When Faced With Challenging Mental Tasks – Has Difficulty Completing the Details of a Project – Makes Careless Mistakes – Complains About Repetitive Work – Can’t Keep Still – Makes Unnecessary Noises – Speaks Without Thinking – Impatient – Constantly Interrupts Others – Says Things at Inappropriate Times…


Neurofeedback, which is also known as EEG biofeedback, is emerging as an effective treatment modalities for conditions like ADHD, focusing, learning disabilities,  conduct disorder, anxiety, addictions, mental illness, depression, stress and more.

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An increase of IQ scores have been reported in over 50 studies.

Studies ADHD Omega3 article and Omega3ADHD-2007

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