Located in San Diego, CA

Hadassah Nations

Doctor of Pastoral Therapy
Traditional Naturopath
Nationally Board  Certified Counselor
Board Certified Life & Health Coach
Gifted Practitioner
Community College Counselor

Hadassah became frustrated with conventional medicine and turned within to heal herself.  To activate these inner resources she dedicated herself to higher education. Her journey culminated in a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies (SDSU), a Master of Arts in Education & Counseling (SDSU), a certification in Biofeedback, NeuroPhysical Reprogramming, Anti-Aging and NeuroEndocrine Hormone Regulation, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy, and a Doctorate in Pastoral Therapy (PMA) and Naturopathic Sciences(CCNM). She has studied Traditional Oriental Medicine (PCOM) which she now incorporates into her holistic practice. During this journey she has cured herself of anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and migraines.
What really drives Hadassah is her love for people and compassion for their suffering. She understands and feels very keenly about the pain and frustration associated with conventional methods. She created Expert Neurofeedback with the intention of empowering others to restore their life back to nature’s harmonious balance. This work has to do with empowering her clients through education and following a unique customized protocol tailored to each client. Hadassah has observed the pervasiveness and importance of balancing mind, body, and spirit. Her journey is not about the success of an organization or her own success within it. The road she is traveling is about integrating everything she has learned, felt, experienced, and believes into a vision of tikkun olam- raising consciousness to heal our planet as we heal ourselves.